Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today is our lucky day!

What an amazing day for our household! It just seems like everything finally fell together. Not in a "we're having a baby" or " we won the lottery" way but in a real way.

This week or more so TODAY, we:
  1. sold our big horse trailer (40 ft living quarter 4 horse Bloomer) to a wonderful family in Arkansas
  2. found and bought a new trailer (2 horse bumper pull Bloomer) in Texas... it is exactly what I want but cheaper than I ever thought we'd find it.
  3. traded in our big crewcab dually truck for another work vehicle for Lance in Omaha, NE because we don't need the big truck anymore with a bumper pull. My Cadi will pull it just fine.
So Lance already met with the family that bought our big trailer this morning so we could trade trailer for $$$. Then we finalized the deal with the new trailer in TX. He's currently in Sioux Falls, SD working and will be driving our truck down to TX to get the trailer tomorrow. Then he found the new vehicle (Chevy HHR) he is looking for in Omaha which is on the way to/from TX. So he'll stop there on Saturday on his way back home to get that finalized. He will either have a driver follow him to Fargo with the HHR and the driver can take the truck back with him or I will drive down to Omaha with the Cadi and pick up the trailer while Lance drives the HHR.

Our new trailer!!!

Did you get all that?! It's amazing how everything just fell into place! Lance and I were discussing the benefits/costs of a driver driving the HHR up instead of me coming down. Lance said, well I suppose you'll want to stop in Sioux Falls at that scrapbook store that you've always wanted to go too and I'm sure there are more scrap stores in Omaha.... so maybe a driver would be cheaper in the long run!! He knows me SO well:)

Then our town is kicking off Potato Days tomorrow. So not only have we had an awesome week but we'll have an even better weekend filled with carbs as far as the eye can see:) Yay!!!!


Angela624 said...

Lol. I love that he thinks it would be cheaper to hire someone to drive rather than have his wife do it because she might run into a scrapbook store. Oh man..Kelly we are so much a like!

Stacy said...

Glad you finally got your trailer sold. It is so nice when things just fall into place like that.