Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tractor lovin'

Lance, Makenna & I went to a Steam Thrashers Reunion (or gathering or something like that??) this morning in Rollag, MN. It is a VERY big deal around these parts. People come from many states to go to this. So we decided to join them since it is about 15 miles from our house. Lance hasn't been there since he was 14 yo and I went with my bro and grandparents about 20 years ago. Plus I was promised a killer breakfast so I was in!

Rollag, the tractor lovers & overall wearers did not disappoint! The breakfast was awesome. So was the ice cream, homemade donuts and I still have a caramel roll waiting for me for tomorrow morning. They had a parade were all the old tractors give up the road. It was so cool to be able to see all the tractors without having to walk miles and miles to see them all.

Makenna's favorite part, other than the ice cream, was a guy driving a tractor with a dog in the wagon. She kept meowing and oooo-ing while pointing. It was so cute. She and I also enjoyed the mini train ride. It was a great day:)

In Makenna updates, she's now saying meow, mine (nice:/), up... I think that's it. She is feeding herself 95% of the time using a spoon or fork! I'm so proud of her on that!! She wanted to do it herself. I didn't have to teach her really, she just kept reaching for the utensil so finally I gave it to her. Tonight she ate ALL her peas & carrots, mash potatoes and pork loin. Plus I gave her senconds and she ate all that with her spoon. Such a BIG girl:) So proud of her!


Stacy said...

Oh she is getting so big. Looks like it was so much fun. Lol, not really. Hahaha. I bet my boys would love it there, me not so much.

Gina said...

Cute cute pictures! Jer didn't take us out there this year, but I secretly sorta wanted to. lol