Monday, September 13, 2010

Horse show hangover.

I was at a 4 day horse show (Thurs-Sun) and I am hungover! No, I'm not nauseous or have an aversion to fired foods but I am wiped out, only want to lay on the couch and sleep. Did any of that happen? Umm have you met Miss Thang? She was very happy to see momma! So happy in fact that she got up 7-10 times last night (I lost track around 3am) to see momma again and again and again. Ugh. Lance slept through the whole thing:/ She was screaming too so I have NO idea how he did but he did and I was a little bitter about it.

Faith and I had a GREAT show! We did really well:) YAY! I have 1 more show left and it's the BIG ONE in Ohio for all of October. It will be fun/exciting/exhausting/nerve-wracking/exhilarating/expensive but hopefully after it's all over with, I'll be able to cross something off of my bucketlist. Maybe 2 things if Jamie Foxx were there;) Umm, oops...was that out loud?!! Eek!! Sorry Lance! ha:)

It's finals week in the world of Rasmussen and quarters. Oh how I LOVE finals week. Much much better as a professor vs student:)

I'm off to bed... expect a celebratory blog giveaway for this week wrapping up on Friday!


Stacy said...

Glad to here you did great. That darn Miss M for keeping mommy up. I guess she just missed you.

Jen said...

Jeramy can sleep through Jillian's screams too. He was never a good sleeper before she was born, but the second she arrived he could sleep through anything and me nothing. Go figure.

Christina said...

I always have the WORST horse show hangovers!!! Typically they last 2-3 days....I am heading to Congress as well, what are you showing in?