Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Wonder!

I love the weekends but they seem to go by too fast. They also don't come around often enough! It should be Mon, Tues, weekend, Wed, Thurs, Fri, weekend, repeat! That would be awesome!

This weekend is going to be spent cleaning and getting those projects done that need completing before we have a ton of people at our house for the baby shower Lance's fam is throwing us next Saturday. I can't believe it's already ~that~ time! We're also hitting the road again tomorrow for a short work week. YAY... I love short work weeks!!

Faith, my horse, is doing great at the trainers! She is still shedding like crazy and almost starting to look like a show horse! Almost... except for the extremely fuzzy ears and poll. I'm hoping to head out there today or tomorrow but we're not suppose to have unnecessary travel in and around Fargo/Moorhead due to the flood. Is going out to the barn to play with my horse unnecessary? Hmmm.....

1 comment:

Old Mom New Baby said...

I love that idea of a work week. You got my vote =D

I'm excited to see what you get for you baby shower. I hope you take pictures. (pftttt) look who I'm saying that too (lol)