Monday, March 9, 2009

100 days left!


Seriously?! That is not very long!
3 days until my next OB appt.
10 days until we go to Hawaii.
14 days until the 3rd trimester.
25 days until my first baby shower.
55 days until my 2nd shower.


Miss Thing has really taken to punching her daddy when he's rubbing my belly. I'm going to assume this is a love tap and not so much a punch. She punches/kicks/moves right under his hand. At first Lance thought it was my ab muscles contracting. Ha! I said with as stretched as my abs are, there is no contracting. Especially in one central location like that. I can easily feel her move on the outside especially in the morning when she's just waking up (I'm assuming). It's very cool!

I haven't taken any pics yet. I will do it today as I have several other things to photograph. We are also in a winter storm advisor now and a blizzard warning for tomorrow. Yuck! I'm so sick of snow! Bring on the sun, flowers and green grass.

Also, Jules to answer your question...yes I was induced with Lily. I had pitocin and 3 doeses cervitek or cervodil...I can't remember which?? I'm thinking we're going to do the lamaze class just to be extra prepared because I do think it will be very different this time. Thanks for your info and insight!!

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Jen said...

100 days...woohoo! Sounds like you've got an active one in there. Watch out. I can tell you from my experience at least they stay that way :)

I'm so jealous about Hawaii. I could use a little sunshine and warmth. Of course being in northern MN, I'm sure you can too. Especially after this past winter!