Friday, March 13, 2009

More pics of Miss Thing

Here is the infamous feet over the head picture.
How is that comfortable??
A cute hand picture too!
I had another very successful and quick OB appt yesterday. My OB was called away for an emergency c-section so I met with the PA. She was OK... definitely not my doctor and his style but it was just one quick appt. My bp was back in the normal range so that is great. I'm measuring right on according to her but she also didn't measure like he does so I'm probably still 2 weeks ahead like I've been for the last 10 weeks.

This morning I was laying in bed trying to talk myself into getting up when Miss Thing decided that she was going to be up too. I had my hand/arm slung across my stomach when all of a sudden it must have been bothering Miss Thing as she gave it a big boot and my hand/arm jumped off my stomach. It was so funny. I laid it back down in the same place and she continued to kick the crap out of it. Apparently it was in her way or her space or whatever. For some reason she had an issue with it being there. Oh the attitude at such a young age:/

Today I hoping to get a ton accomplished including laundry, phone calls, painting and organizing. We have 2 sections of our house that still need painting... 1 is the downstairs landing/foyer area and the other is the main living space that is hugely tall. I'm going to try to tackle the downstairs so that's one less thing to do after Miss Thing gets here. I think we're going to hire the main area to be painted bacause of all the windows and the celings are so tall.
Have a great weekend!!


Jen said...

Oh yes, get everything that you can get done finished now. Jillian slows me down for sure, but in a good way.

Love the pics. At her 20 week u/s Jillian was hanging out sucking on her toe. Now that is some serious flexibility!

Jewels said...

FYI for all my blogger friends.
I’m not able to explain why I had to hide my blog, but I’ll check on you and if you want access to what’s going on in my pregnancy, you can view our babysite at
You can email me at
I will deeply miss blogging but find this is the way it has to be due to family matters.
Jewels (empty nesting)

Old Mom New Baby said...

Hi Kelly.
I opened a private blog and would like to invite you.
If you'd like me to invite you, e-mail me at and I'll add your e-mail to my list.

Thanks hun.