Saturday, March 7, 2009

Phew. (& a question.)

What a week! Work has been overwhelmingly busy. It's hard for us to keep up even with working until 8-9pm every night. That is not an ideal work environment for a pregnant lady with swelling feet and fingers! Lance is finally starting to understand that my quality of work starts to decline drastically at about 4-5pm with it heading straight into the toilet around 8pm. I can do the bare essentials but he has to pick up the slack. I need a break! Luckily, we're trying to wrangle a quick vacation/babymoon before Miss Thing makes her grand appearance. I would LOVE to go back to Jamaica but I don't want to give birth in a Jamaican hossy. Now I'm not ~planning~ on giving birth or having problems while on vacation but if something should happen, I'd like to be at an American facility. Now I know I can't get into much trouble from my lounge chair under a cabana but you never know! So we're heading back to Hawaii for 5-6 days in 1.5 weeks! Ahhh, it will be fabulous! Now I just need to find swimwear. I think I'm just going to get a bigger size as I'm not really into the tent-like outfits that are maternity swimsuits. We'll see.

On the agenda for this weekend:
  • laundry -ours and Miss Things as I finally found Dreft for HE (aka front load) washers. I have a ton of clothes, sheets and blankets that I'd like to get cleaned up for her and put away.
  • decorating the nursery - we picked up a chair, bookshelf and several decorations at Ikea yesterday that we're going to put up and install. Ikea is great because they have birch furniture and all our woodwork is birch so it matches pretty well. I'll take more pics when we're down with this part.
  • belly pic - we are a week behind and I've REALLY grown so that is on the agenda... AFTER I take a shower!
  • finish making Miss Thing's blankets -I'm almost done...I'll take pics of those too!
  • many horse things on the list including getting Faith a real job again! She's been retired for TOO long and she's too good to sit around while I reproduce! Very exciting stuff in store for her!
  • breathe ... just because I need to take a moment with my feet up to enjoy this pregnancy and Miss Thing and all the good things that are coming our way. We are almost under 100 days! Holy crap! How can that be?? It has gone by fast, slow, warp speed and a stand still all at the same time. I am almost in the 3rd trimester which is virtually unbelievable to me. This whole portion of pregnancy is new to me until I get to the labor and delivery...I've been there although this will be so different.... thank God!

Oh, speaking of pregnancy... why are Lamaze classes so freaking long??? We can take it on Friday nite from 6-9:30pm and Saturday from 9am-5pm or 3 Wednesdays in a row for 3-4 hours each. Really???? I mean, I really feel like we need to go even though I went through one labor and delivery without any of that information but I really like to be prepared. When I was giving birth to Lily, the nurse said "Now breathe like the taught you in lamaze." Both Lance and I were like...seriously?? We haven't hit that part in the pregnancy yet so I'm just going to wing it. She, of course, apologized and talked me through it and everything was fine. I need lamaze class? I'd like to go natural if possible so does that make it more necessary? I went natural with Lily but she wasn't full size. It was all the same contractions and all but not the huge pressure... I think. What do you think??


Jewels said...

I can only imagine that the bigger the baby, the more painful it can be. But I dont know. With my Miscarriages, I went through full labor that lasted this last time about 7 hours, but was in labor 30 hours with dylan. It was natural and I laugh at (though the contractions were pretty painful) how weak they were compared to my term labor, but again, I was only 11 weeks, not 21. That's why I can only imagine. (did they induse your labor before?)

I am thinking of buying the Hypnobaby (or Hypnobirthing) self study course. I have the book and a relaxation guidance CD.
I personally believe the more tools you have to get you through labor, the better ~ for the sake of pain and the overall quality of the experiance ~ but I almost feel traumatized with my labor with Dylan, after being in labor for 21hours and only dialated to a Good Two, with hard contractions, I was done. I chose an epidural.
But then I wonder "would our labors be different 1- because we just went through a labor and our bodies remember? 2 - this is our second?
(sigh) Some women do it just fine, so I'm only speaking from the side of a woman who didnt have it easy. Dylan was HUGE too (8lb 13oz- and mostly HEAD ~ TRAUMA!!)
So take my opinion with a grain of salt. I dont think I'm the norm.
I just know I'll do everything I possibly can to be totally prepared for that day.

I will say this, I almost feel if this baby delivery could last 7 hours, even in agonizing pain, I could probably handle it. Just not 30 hours. (heh-that's what I think now, but I feel great now)

Anonymous said...

Lamaze is great, gives you a lot of natural ways to get relief. I had back labor so I recommend the epidural. I would much rather give birth with an epidural than be pregnant. That is what worked for me. You may not hurt the same way and can breath right through it. I think if you go in with an open mind and a ' birth plan ' that isn't set in stone you will do fine. Never forget that whatever mama wants mama gets so you are the boss!