Tuesday, March 10, 2009

26 week belly

Here is the belly and some nursery pics of the new bookshelf and chair/recliner.
These were self-potraits due to Lance being on the road and I'm snowed in. We're having a huge blizzard right now where all roads around our area are closed along with all schools and most businesses. It's not spring today! Maybe next week:/

Excuse the mess in the room as I finally found Dreft HE so I've been washing clothes and baby blankets. I bought some baby hangers but apparently not enough. Plus my mom dropped off some baby shower stuff & decorations so that's what's in the bag.
Here is Lance in his new t-shirt.

It says: If it weren't for my wife, daughter, and horse... I'd be rich!
He had joked about having some shirts made like this to sell at the horse shows. I told him not everyone would agree with this statement! I did think it was funny and probably very true so I had it made for him. I was going to give it to him later on but I couldn't wait. For the record, he did say "If it weren't for my wife and horse... I'd be rich" but I added the daughter because I'm sure Miss Thing will take after her mother and have NO problem spending her father's money! tee hee hee


Jen said...

You're lucky! I need a shirt that says without my husband, daughter and dog I'd be rich, LOL!

Jewels said...

Cute idea to make a shirt like that.
I'm loving your baby room. It does seam like you never do have enough hangers tho, even still - I'm buying packs of 10 all the time.
And your belly is adorable.