Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So I've always been a very independent woman. That's just my nature. If you ask me to help you, I am MORE than willing and happy too. BUT if I have to ask for help...it just doesn't happen very often. Lance and I have gone rounds on this especially while I'm pregnant as I feel there really isn't that much that I can't do even when pregnant. Lance feels differently and would like me to ask for help more.
Let me give you an example:
We moved Faith (my horse) to the trainers on Saturday in order for them to put some time on her while I can't ride. Plus she needs just a little additional finishing that I just can't do. So I let her relax and settle in on Sat and Sun (she's been there before as that's where I board when I'm not pregnant and showing hard. She even has her same stall!). I went out to clean her up on Monday and work a little showmanship. Now Faith has been in a non-heated barn for the last 9 months but she's been blanketed so she's furry but not super hairy. She is normally a very hairy horse so I have some major clipping to do. Plus she was filthy so I wanted to give her a bath. Lance dropped me off at the barn while he ran errands. I started out clipping Faith's front legs and face. I thought I would split it up as that's a lot of bending over for a pregnant lady! Then I lunged her and worked showmanship. By the end, I am sweating like a pig. I'm working in an arena (aka deep dirt/sand) and it's usually a tropical 75 degrees in the barn/arena. So I finish clipping Faith's hind legs then give her a bath. 3 hours later and I'm FINALLY finished. So I call Lance to tell him I'm done and whenever he wants to pick me up that's great. The trainers are riding like crazy so I'm just going to sit in the chairs, watch and relax. Lance gets there so I go pull Faith's cooler off as she's almost dry now. I have stiffened up so but the more I move the better I feel. We leave, get groceries, go to Best Buy then go home and I make supper. By now I'm getting pretty stiff and slightly sore. After supper, Lance fills up the jacuzzi tub for me and I relax in there for a little while, then put the heating pad on my sore back and go to bed. I get up a couple of times to pee, of course, and can barely move. I attribute it to being groggy and my eyes aren't very open, so I go back to sleep. Lance wakes me up at 6am so we can get ready to hit the road by 7am. I eat breakfast first, especially while preggo, so I'm going to head down to the kitchen and I literally can.not.walk. I can barely get out of bed much less walk. My hips are so stiff they will barely flex forward, my sciatic nerve is on fire and my left leg is numb. I feel horrible. I slowly hobble to the kitchen and Lance looks at me in horror. I mumble "I guess I over did it yesterday" and stagger to the fridge. I finish breakfast and head back up to our room to hit the shower. I crawled up the first 4 steps but then I get stuck. I yell for Lance & he has to lift/carry me the rest of the way up. Needless to say, I am still at home and barely moving around. My right hip let loose around noon so that will flex forward but the rest of me is still pretty crippled. The good news is Miss Thing is feeling fine as she's been entertaining me all day with her bouncing around and my horse looks fabulous!
So the moral of this story is that apparently I can't do EVERYthing I could do pre-pregnancy.

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Jen said...

My goodness! Take it easy Kel! I hope you feel better ASAP.