Saturday, January 31, 2009

Belly shot at 20 weeks.

Here is the rapidly expanding waistline! At least "the girls" seem to be giving up the race with the belly... so far! I don't know what I'd do if they didn't? What comes after D? E? DD? I have NO idea?? I was a B in high school and C for the rest of my life. I NEVER thought I'd ever reach D much less anything after that! I'm a D right now so let's hope they stay that size then go back down to normal. Seriously....what comes after a D??

It's 36 degrees here! It's like freaking spring for MN the last day of January. I'm going to go outside and sit in the sun! Or I'm at least going to go outside and shovel off the walkway so the rest can melt. Today is also Ugg's 3rd brithday! Happy Birthday kitty:)

Uggs as a kitten!
(How can that be comfortable??)

Uggs at 2.5 years old.

Still belly up! I don't think he got the memo that cats do not sleep on their back with all the ~goods~ or where there use to be goods flashed for all the world to see!

(That's Maui, our other cat's, tail Uggs has a hold of. )


KatieM said...

Yay cute belly and I LOVE the hair!

nancy said...

Hey Kelly - thanks for leaving a comment so I could get you in my reader! Wow - you are adorable!! Love the belly.

You asked what my schedule was. Well, I don't start pumping until about a week postpartum. And once I start, I try to pump all the time. A little less at the beginning, due to engorgement, but by 2 weeks postpartum, I pump at every daytime nursing session. At first, I feed the baby and then pump (even if empty, I pump for 10-15 minutes, as your body will see the empty sucking and will make due for the next session), and then after my milk is in double, I will nurse on one side and pump on the other side simultaneously. On the random time baby boy is still hungry, I'll just feed him w/ a bottle from my freshly pumped milk. That just happened 3 minutes ago actually.

As far as nursing, I nurse on demand before my milk is in and then for the first week after my milk comes in. Then he falls into a natural schedule of every 2-3 hours. Now, remember, it's 2-3 hours from when he STARTS to nurse. Some babies take an hour to nurse, so that means if he nurses from 1pm-2pm, you'll have to nurse again at 3pm.

Here's the biggie about nursing ... just because they are rooting around - that does NOT mean they are hungry. Some babies have a very strong sucking need. My girls didn't really but Karl is a huge sucker. He is the only baby I have given a pacifier to. If I fed him everytime he rooted around for something to suck, we would never get on a schedule. And without a schedule of sorts, he would simply "snack" all the time, never filling up, which snowballs. So I try to wait as long as possible in a 3 hour window, but if he's hungry at 2 hours, I feed. If he's rooting around after only an hour, I don't feed him. It's better in the long run.

Now, there is some books out there that says schedule over anything, but I don't let my hungry baby go hungry if sucking on his pacifier or my finger or whatever doesn't soothe him. I'd rather have an off schedule feeding then let him go hungry.

I hope I didn't confuse you!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus, what the hell is "rooting around"? My "ick" factor just pegged into the "full body dry heave" zone.

I just want it known that things like, for example -engorgement- or -milking schedules- are things the brother does NOT want to hear about.....ever, ick, ever, Ever, EVER. Damn it, ick.

You know what? Don't even look at me funny when you feel the urger to "enlighten" me on my ignorant bachelor ways.

I'm still convinced most of the pregnancy "symptoms" are BS, mostly gas, or the stuff that fantasies are made of. Give me a break, "the baby wants frosting covered popsickles"?

What a bunch of hooey, the truth is that Mommy has a -eat whatever the hell she wants pass, and blame it on the baby-, I feel the strange cravings are just creative ways to torture youre husband.

Dont get me started on the spiderman like sense of smell, if you sniff me one more time after fishing I swear to God as my witness we are going to have a talk.