Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Freaking BRRRRRR!

Why oh why do we live in MN?? It was -20 below in Brainerd this morning and B'ville was even worse. ICK! Right now we're crashing at Lee's apartment while we're working in th cities and he's in Tahoe. I'm actually using his computer too. I threated to change all his favorites to cat sites and scrapbooking!! He was less than thrilled:)

We had a dr appt last Friday that went great. I'm still gaining weight but not very much and my OB was completely good with it especially since this little monster is measuring 2 weeks ahead. I was at 17 weeks and I'm measuring 19 weeks. He wasn't concerned as he told us with Lily that we're going to have big babies as she was very big for her age and condition. EEK!! We heard th heartbeat again plus my OB started laughing as the baby was apparently bouncing all over the place. He could feel it with th doppler!! How cool is that? I couldn't feel the baby moving at that time but other times it's like a circus in there. Especially around ice cream, Rafferty's pizza and the horse barn!! I especially love the last one;)

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Jen said...

When I heard the upper mid-west weather forecast this morning I thought of you. Brrr!!! It's good to hear that Baby2 is doing well!