Friday, January 30, 2009

Yellow cupcakes w/ chocolate frosting....

Last night Lance asked "Could you come here cupcake?" All I heard was CUPCAKE! Mmmm, I want a cupcake! Not cake but a cupcake. So I told him about my plan to make yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. We had yellow cake mix but no frosting. No problem! I decided I would make the frosting from scratch, which I've never done. First off, it was so easy! Secondly, it was fabulous!! Much much better than the can stuff. Plus it calls for things that everyone would have in their kitchen... well everyone but Lee. He only has ketchup, yogart and occasionally milk! The cupcakes turned out great! Yummy!!!

Miss Thing is doing well. She apparently loved the cupcakes too as there was a lot of movement out of her after milk and cupcakes were consumed last night.

Today is going to be filled with more work, a little play and hopefully a few cupcakes. We've got a couple special events in the works... more on that later.... which we'll have more solidified this weekend. We're working on a guest list for the baby showers which is proving to be a large task mainly due to our large family & friend base. What a problem to have;) I still need to finish the last of my painting for Miss Thing's room. Plus I need to get my horse into the trainers in the next month so she can get back to her regularly scheduled show season.

One last item... is it too soon to be thinking about this...
for Miss Thing?? What girl doesn't need an Esca.lade?? Lance found one for her. He hasn't bought it yet but give him time! Plus who am I to tell him that she doesn't need a Caddy? Not me!! I'm a Caddy girl myself;)

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Morgan said...

I love your little nickname for her, Miss thing! lol too cute! and OMG cupcakes sound good but dont tell anyone I said that since Im not pregnant anymore I can't use that as an excuse to eat alot lol!