Sunday, January 18, 2009

More pics!

Here are some more pics of Baby2's bedroom. We cleaned the carpets last week (by we, I really mean Lance) so it's all ready for the finishing painting and decor then furniture. We have the furniture picked out but not ordered yet. We don't want to jinx it so we're planning on waiting until after the ~big~ u/s which is Mon, Jan 26. Can you even believe I'm already to that point yet? It seems like we've been waiting for forever but it still seems so soon. We are really excited and slightly anxious to find out exactly how Baby2 is doing in there and where it's a boy or girl! We already know Baby2 is a mover and shaker due to the almost constant movement plus s/he is on the large size.

We're off to the cities for work again this week. Lee is still in Tahoe so we're still squatting at his place! It's SO nice to not have to haul our stuff in and out of a hotel. Do you know how many pillows a pregnant woman needs? Lance does! He refers to himself as my sherpa! Sometimes it's very true! Speaking of fabulous hubby...this morning we're both wide awake at 4am. I'm hungry for fruit but decide to try to go back to sleep. Lance gets up to do something...can't remember what?? About 15 mins later he comes back with a big bowl of fruit and granola for both of us. Such a great guy!! Especially at 4 am!!! He's a keeper!
Standing at the door of the nursery.
The full mural.


Jewels said...

Wow, that's amazing, I'll be lucky if I get to paint the baby room.

KatieM said...

What a cute room! Oh, and fruit at 4 AM? Lance is most certainly a wonder hubby, lol.