Sunday, January 4, 2009

How much snow is too much??

We received another 7 inches of snow yesterday. Now I know I live in MN but come on!! We haven't had this much snow for years...probably since 1997. When I let Teddy out he doesn't even want to go play in the snow as he can't tell where the raised patio ends and the snow drifts begin. He thought maybe he'd try peeing on our firepit thing. Endless to say I was out the door yelling at his lazy ass before he could get his leg all the way up. I think he decided for his safety that the snow drifts are less frightening than the screaming pregnant lady with crazy bedhead!! We need to shovel and snow blow so I'll clean off a path for Ted Ted so our firepit is not his aiming target. Ick!

Lance and I are in full cleaning mode! He has all the Microclean stuff everywhere so that needs a home. I have all the NDQHA awards everywhere but those are on the way out on Saturday. The nursery needs to be finished (painting) but that is going to be put off for a couple of weeks until things slow down again:) Here a little sneak peek at the nursery....

Lee & Lance pulling off all the trim which makes painting so much easier & looks better.
Lance, Lee & Maui priming the walls. OK so Maui just appears to be holding down the plastic!
Lance, his parents (aka Grandma & Grandpa) and Lee's butt.
More painting!
I'll leave you in suspense...tomorrow I'll post pics of the mural!!!

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Jen said...

When it snowed here, Cujo took a #2 on the snow on the deck. I was so irritated, but once the grass was covered it was all the same to him I guess. Plus it was cold out there!