Monday, January 26, 2009

Bring on the....

lavender and purple and hot pinks!!! It's a GIRL!!!!

Seriously, anyone who knows me knows I'm a purple freak!! This is so great because Lance would not be impressed with his son being decked out in lavender or purple.

We were totally shocked because we thought it was going to be a boy due to the complete difference in my symptoms this time around. We are SO excited!!! She is apparently quite stubborn as she wouldn't cooperate with the u/s tech and let her get all the measurements the tech needed. I'll have to go back in at a later date for another u/s so we can try for the other measurements. Hopefully Baby Girl will cooperate! She totally gets that from her father;) She was so much more interested in her hands then in the u/s tech. She was looking at her hands like she was in need of a serious manicure!! Poor Lance!!! I think he's got 2 of us high maintenance women!! EEK for him!! I love it:)

So now we need to look at girl names! I have a few in mind but we haven't really discussed any yet. Oh, we only got 1 u/s pic because Miss Thing didn't want her picture taken at that particular moment (must be the manicure thing!!) and even that one is not very good. She would put her hands up or turn away anytime the tech tried for facial measurements. We'll get more at the next u/s... hopefully!


Jewels said...

Congrats on another Girl!!
I was going to guess but didnt make it in time. But my guess would have been girl because I thought Boy and am always wrong (well - maybe 50% of the time =D)

I cant wait to see what else you do withe her room.

Jen said...

Woohoo! Congrats on your little girl. They are quite fun, I assure you :)

KatieM said...

Hun, I just saw this....congrats on your little soon to be decked out in purple lady ;-)