Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Off to Texas!

I'm off to Amarillo, TX tomorrow bright and WAY too early for a National AQHA meeting. I was nominated to represent ND because I'm an open board member, ammy vice president & one of the youth advisors. I know I ~live~ in MN but I'm a ND girl and we live 30 miles from ND so we go to both ND and MN horse shows. It's very convenient to live where we do! It's suppose to be 60 degrees down there so I'm really looking forward to that! Now if I can just convince them to move the conference outside! This afternoon I was searching my closets for a spring jacket that would fit me... not so much! I found one that kind of fits me as long as I unzip the bottom a little to give the belly some breathing room.

I had another very successful and quick OB appt yesterday. It's amazing how easy a normal pregnancy appt is compared to a high risk one. Gotta love it! I could certainly tell my OB was much more laid back at this appt after the u/s results came back and the fact that Miss Thing looked perfect from what the tech could tell. It's nice to see! My next appt is the Level II u/s the end of Feb to get the rest of the measurements and another, closer look at the princess to make sure everything still looks fabulous! It will be such a relief to have that done and hopefully be just as good as the regular ~big~ u/s. Then it's another appt the 2nd week of March and I'm in the 3rd trimester! Holy crap....what? 3rd trimester?? Yikes!

On a side note... I would just like to complain about how immature and self-centered it is for people to bitch about "it better be a girl" or "I'm going to be pissed if it's not a boy". I think those people need to go through what we did this summer so they can actually realize how important it is to just have a HEALTHY baby not the sex of the baby. Who cares as long as the baby is healthy and LIVING!! Now, I would NEVER wish a stillborn or miscarriage on anyone BUT for all those that complain about the sex of their baby...Shame on you! I have NO respect for you and your kind. If you are that freaking immature that that is all you are concerned about and seem to think it's fine to tell everyone which sex ~it better be~ then you shouldn't be having children because you are not mature enough to handle it. I also hope you give birth to a frog or goat with the sex of your choice of course! That would sure shut you up.

Phew~~ I'm just SO sick of hearing this from people and/or seeing it on message boards I frequent. You people need to re-establish your priorities! Why don't you first thank God you're pregnant and then thank God your baby is healthy because let me tell you... there are very few words that are worse than "your baby has a chromosomal abnormality" or "your baby has 2% chance of living" or even better (or actually worse) is "there is no heartbeat". Just think about how those of us who have suffered such a huge loss or even the rest of the normal, sane population look at you after hearing you say so many stupid things about such a blessing. It's with complete and utter disgust. Yuck!

OK, I just had to get that off my chest because I've been thinking it way too long and I finally need to let it be heard. Plus it's not like me to hold anything in! If I'm thinking it or feeling it, you will generally know about it. Ember says I don't have a filter! It's true but you can always count on me for the truth whether you want to hear it or not!

So. I'll be back on Sunday, hopefully with a little sun "glow" and a lot of great horse information. YAY! Now I'm off to bed as I need to be up by 2am to get to my flight that leaves at 5am. What the hell was I thinking when I booked that?


Jen said...

The whole boy/girl thing irritates me too. One of the things that really gets me is when people TTC specifically hoping for a baby of the opposite sex than what they already have. I really appreciate your perspective and the need to be grateful.

Have fun in Texas. You know you're from MN/ND when 60 degrees might call for an outside meeting. Brrrr!

Marie A said...

Hey there! I somehow found this through the scraproom members stuff! Anyways - way to get stuff off your chest! I whole heartedly believe every bit of it too, including the birthing of frogs and goats! that was great...
Super excited for friday - it's what's gonna get me through the work week :)

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