Monday, February 9, 2009

It's raining.

What a mess it's going to be! It's 38 degrees and raining. It's suppose to be only 28 degrees tomorrow which equals lots of ice. ICK!! Of course tomorrow I have tons of appts that I must be in town for so I'm hoping it stays warm and nothing freezes so I don't have to reschedule.

Miss Thing is doing great. She's moving and shaking like crazy which I'm enjoying greatly. I have an OB appt tomorrow. This portion of pregnancy is all foreign to me as I've never been this far before so I'm not sure what happens at a 22 week appt? Anything fun and or exciting?
We are officially registered at 2 locations. I'm very glad to have that done with :) We have 2 baby showers scheduled, planned and invitations finished. They happen to fall on the only 2 weekends we have open until the beginning of June. The dates are April 4 and May 9. We are enrolled in several baby classes at our hospital starting the end of March. We're also hoping to slide in a mini-vacation in the next month plus we really should do some work. We're not slowing down yet!

I'm still feeling great and very comfortable. I have recently noticed that my very nice innie belly button is starting to get more shallow. My skin REALLY needs to start stretching more as I'm not that big belly-wise and I have a lot more growing to do. We're over half done with only 18 weeks left! Yikes:) I look at the ticker on my blog and see only 128 days left. Where has the time gone? I'm so excited about Miss Thing and the time getting closer to her arrival. Now I know that I still have a ways to go but its starting to seem all so real! Now if I can just get her uncle Lee to get his tush over her to start all the projects I have for him;)

Times a ticking Uncle Lee!!

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