Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Picture Tuesday.

Lance and the Cone Master in the Smart Car. Teddy loves to go for a ride anywhere even if it's just to the Post Office.

Poor Teddy and "the Cone"! Tedders is doing and feeling so much better. He still looks a little sad/pitiful. He was to wear the cone for one more week. He will NOT leave the wound alone so he and the cone have become very good friends! If you look close, you can see the incision on his right leg. It just looks like a long drak line down the front of his leg. We start doing therapy this week.

This is the crabby kitty! He had his 6-month grooming/shaving which we've been doing for years. He sheds like crazy so this is just a lot easier for all of us. He absolutely loves his tail so we tell the groomers not to touch it. He also does not do baths so they just do the dry bath and shaving. Apparently he was less than impressed with the whole grooming process as he vampire bit the lady helping the groomer. OOPS! The groomer explained that she relaxed her hold on his back legs and he tweeked out/ripped off the cone (used to protect against biting)/& latched on to the holder's arm. Now I saw the ~wound~...it was tiny little red mark. I've had WAY WORSE from Maui before. He's not mean, he's just a big/huge/strong cat that likes to play. Now I realize he wasn't playing but really?! You don't need antibiotics for that. I've seen zits bigger and more infected than that. Come on people! Seriously! Anyway...it's the crabby kitty cute?! When I got him home and let him out of the cat carrier, Lance & I noticed that one leg/butt cheek was shaved and the other was still furry...WTH?? This must have been the time of the vampire attack! It's pretty funny looking. We have since taken the scissors to his tush and tried to cut most of the furry cheek hair off.

After the cat episode, I walked into the kitchen and found these! I swear I have the best husband EVER! What a guy!! Aren't they beautiful?!

Lance hit the road today so I'm home with the pup-pup, dodging "the cone", ripping down wallpaper, cleaning floors, doing laundry, getting ready for E's bach-party this weekend. I hope to get some scrapping in tonight while watching "The Biggest Loser". I LOVE that show!! What a great reality show!! :)


Jen said...

Oh my, that cone takes up nearly the entire vehicle! The flowers are absolutely beautiful. Lance is a keeper!

Jewels said...

That is funny about the cat. I dont know much about cats and we have one, We spade our female cat when she was little. Does she still go in heat or have periods? All this education about my own cycle and yet I dont know the first thing about hers. But she leaked something on my bed sheet the other night and it smelled real bad. It wasnt pee either, she was milking on her favorite teddy bear (Like a little retard - hello - she's over 2 years old now -lol) but then she came out of the room the other day, was all lovey and snuggly, I picked her up, I looked at her bum (yes-something told me too) and there were droops of some sort of fluid coming out, and her bum was swolen, what do you think? Do I need to take her to the vet?
Sorry to dump that on you in a comment but I'm lost. What's Wrong With My Fur-Baby?!! ((waaaaa!))

The Flowers are georgeous BTW - What a sweet man you have =D