Friday, September 5, 2008

I need to put my feet up!

It's been a crazy but fun week:) On Tuesday and Wednesday, my BFF burned through Minneapolis in search of her elusive wedding shoes! THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND!!!
We were both in shock to find them as she has some of the worst luck. We both spent WAY too much and got a ton of great deals and had so much fun! Lee, my brother, took us out to Ichibans and it was fabulous. Then to the Forsay building for breakfast...yum:)
Today was spent on the road hauling my horse to get new shoes. I'm FINALLY going to get back to riding after losing Lily and the whole dizziness issue. I can't wait:)
"Nothing heals the inside of a human like the outside of a horse."

Have a great weekend!!!

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Jewels said...

I have just recently admitted that I have a fear of horses, werid hua? I was raised around them from my Grandpa, he was a Farier(sp) and owned Utah School of Horse Shoeing. He was a true cowboy, he passed away 12 years ago, I have missed him so bad and missed how easily it was to go ride horses, I cant just go ride anymore, I have to look in the phone book and pay someone to let me ride. Recently we gained some friends with horses and I got on, I was scared - I dont know where it came from, and I tried not to be (not realizing I was scared) but after I left, I felt such relief, Maybe it's just not the same w/o my grandpay. But they are an amazing beatiful animal.