Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy happy Friday!

To do:
  • make lots of food for E's bachlorette party
  • get all the decorations & presents in a pile or in the trailblazer for E's party
  • go pick up my bridesmaid dress as they are in already...The Shoppe told E it would be November!! Thank God, not so much!
  • take pics of layouts that I've recently made for more submissions
  • have a date nite with the hubby
  • work out
  • take Tedders for a has to be slow & controlled not run like a crazed maniac, Teddy!
  • ice Teddy's leg (maybe ice my own as the old thighs are a tish sore from running...that should be the first clue that I need to be sitting on the couch eating cookies instead of pounding the tread on the treadmil. Too bad my pants don't agree with that!)
  • phone calls
  • sit in the sun, if only for a minute or ten
  • read a little more (I can't seem to put down the Twilight series! If you haven't read them, RUN don't walk, to your nearest B&N and put them up!! Great reads!)
  • breathe.

Have a great weekend! I will post lots of fun pics from the weekend. Only the tame ones though! E would kill me if I posted pics of her in compromising positions at her bach. party:) Although it will be VERY tempting.... We'll see :-)


Jen said...

Have fun with the bachelorette party! It sounds like it will be a blast!

Jewels said...

Wow! Sounds like this weekend is all about "E" instead of "O", what a nice change =D

I've read twilight, I'm on the last quarter of Breaking Dawn right now.
HOE-LEE-COW, What a fantastic series.

Ever want to chat about it. I'm going to post a Twilight Chat on my other blog (just for fun)