Monday, September 8, 2008

An early morning.

for us, as Lance & I brought Teddy to the vet for surgery this morning. He needs to have his knee cap fixed on the right hind leg. I guess it's a very common problem in smaller dogs. We knew he was going to have it fixed eventually as the symptoms have slowly been appearing. He's been pretty sore on it for the last couple of weeks so now is the time. Teddy will be on movement restrictions for 2 weeks. He has to be on a leash at ALL times during those 2 weeks so he doesn't run or jump and hurt something. At least he will be healed by the time snow flies, as that's his favorite time of year!

I asked him this morning if he wanted to go for a ride and he went nuts! He was flipping in circles and running around like a crazy dog! Apparently the sore knee/leg doesn't hurt THAT bad if he can do all that:) Silly dog!

Good luck with surgery Ted Ted and we'll see you tomorrow!

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Jewels said...

Oh he's so cute, I love the bow on his head.

GL Ted.