Friday, September 12, 2008

Living with the cone.

Seriously. I've never been knocked over/run into/run over more in my entire life than I have in the last 4 days. Teddy is home from his surgery and doing great. Tuesday was a little rough. He was very uncomfortable and sore despite the pain meds. Each day he is getting better and better eventhough he's still not ~using~ his bum leg. He is just starting to stand on it. Otherwise he's a tripod. He has a 6 week rehab schedule starting next week that includes icing 3 x's a day and whirlpool therapy. Who on earth has a whirlpool for their dog??

In order to get him to leave the wound alone, he has to wear "the cone". Now "the cone" has a wing span of about 3 feet. Teddy is normally about 1 foot wide. He has been wearing the cone for four days (not solid but most of the time). He is NOT compensating for the extra wing span at all! He just runs you over/runs into you/bashes into the wall/doors/stair railings/pretty much everything. I'm going to be bruised from knee to ankle:)

Pictures to come!!


Christina said...

Poor Teddy! My Roxy wore the cone for 2 days after she was spayed and ended up literally eating the cone!
(by the way I'm stinaalicia from the ttc message boards on webmd)

Jen said...

Your poor dog! We tried the cone on Cujo once, but gave up after an hour because he was such a mess. We're such suckers. And whirlpool therapy for a dog...that's funny. We'd totally do it though.

I hope Teddy heals quickly!