Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Whiskers Wednesday

I'm starting a new trend in my blog. Since we seem to be animal heavy at our house, I thought I'd start Whiskers Wednesday. A whole day dedicated to the antics of our animals. I will make sure it's picture-ful also!! Brilliant...I know! Actually, I can't take all the credit. I swiped the idea from a blog that I love to read that has ~Feline Friday~. I didn't want to be a total copy cat (tee hee hee, Copy Cat!!) so I decided I would have Whiskers Wednesday. Plus this includes all our animals. Furry little suckers that they are!

So, onto the premier debut of ~Whiskers Wednesday~ !!! The first antic will include the magical powers of one Maui Haugen, aka "The Fat One"! As I am letting the dogs out for their pre-bedtime nature call, I'm always watching for lurking black objects behind me. Maui is the king Houdini in our house. He ~loves~ escaping to the outdoors. Since we live in town and have a second cat (Uggs) this is a no-no in our book. We don't want him to get hurt. So back to the story... I'm standing at the door in my jammies (tank and shorts...sans undergarments mind you) I notice the dogs are done doing their business so I open the door to let them back in. Not but a moment later, do I see a flashy of black fuzzy streaking out the patio door meowing the whole time. Now for being a 26 lb cat, you'd think Maui would have a lion's roar...oh no he doesn't. He squeaks! So luckily I have my slippers on as I race off into the night behind him. Maui darts through the bushes by the house weaving and squeaking the whole time. I'm chasing after him saying in a sweet voice (so not to scare him!) exactly what I'm going to do to him when I get a hold of him. "Come here Fat One, so I can paddle your butt." ect. As I'm darting through our landscaping, I hear something. It's our neighbors' friends leaving next door. I can hear, "I think something is in their bushes" followed by "Looks like Kelly. Wonder what she's doing?". "Please don't come over to visit, please don't come over to visit" runs through my head. Oh God, don't look too close or you might get an eye full. EEK!!! Hot on Maui's tail, he darts back to the backyard again. Through the bushes, up and over the patio we go and finally I catch the dang cat. I scoop him up and ruffle him a little as I carry him back to the house. I deposit him into the breakfast nook and he looks at me with a satisfied look of "That was great, we should do it again." Dang cat!

This ends the 1st episode of Whiskers Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine that such a delicate creature like Maui would do something so questionable! Surely you were overly tired and imagined such behavior.

Kimberly said...

Cannot wait to see some photos. I am checking back often!