Monday, August 13, 2007

Poor Lance :^(

I just talked to my poor husband...he fell down the stairs AGAIN!! He's got some carpet and banister rash on his back and is kind of sore. Poor guy! As he's telling me the story, I am trying not to laugh (no I'm not a cold hearted b*tch!!) it's just that this happens ALL the time! And I do mean ALL the time. We live in a 5 level home with lots of stairs but I rarely miss a step. Lance, on the other hand, is sliding down the stairs on his butt or on his face at the landing quite regularly. I hear Lance go thumping down the stairs at least once a week. Not only does this happen all the time but it's also hereditary as Lance's brother (Curtis) falls down the stairs too. I attribute some of it to growing up in a rambler (which will definitely be the next house we buy if I want to see my hubby live to 30!!) but the rest must be due to a Haugen gene. To Lance's defense, he was flying around the house looking for Maui (the blk cat) because the wind blew open the screen door and he wasn't sure if Maui escaped. Maui is our family Houdini! He can open the doors, drawers, cupboards...pretty much anything plus he loves outside but is not allowed out there. He only defense mechanism is to roll over and show you his fluffy belly. Not very frightening, unless he's threatening to jump on he. Ughh, he's fat!
So anyway! Poor Lance:) Hope he feels better soon!

*Weekend update*
We had a great weekend! I have some awesome pictures to share of Lance and Teddy playing together. I'll try to get them uploaded tonight and post tomorrow. So very cute! I'll give the full weekend report tomorrow along with the pics.

It's raining and cool here! Loving this cooler weather!! Come on fall!!!!!


Kimberly said...

Can you send the rain this way please?

EquineSpirit said...

It looks as if we're gonna get hit with some good storms again today. Yikes! I'm glad to see the rain but I'd rather it be in a nicer form then it has been the last couple days...LOL!