Friday, August 3, 2007

Happy Friday!

Good morning all! How is everyone? It's been a rough week here. First of all big huge hugs to all the MN families affected by the bridge collapse. It's so tragic. My difficulties are very tiny and minor compared to that horrific event. I had a quarter-sized mole cut out of my back (between my shoulder blades) on Tuesday. My family practice Dr. and derm Dr. didn't like the way it looked eventhough the biopsy came back normal. Plus it keeps growing so they want it removed. I didn't realized the pain and recovery time for something like this as I've never had anything like this done. EEK! Let me just same, I definitely don't want it done again. Lance has been great! He is totally taking care of me. I can't move my arms above my shoulders or head so he's done my hair for me (it was really cute too!!), done everything at the barn and house, helped me get dressed, lotioned my legs...pretty much everything! He's a wonderful man! I think he's ready to get me functional again though. I ~do~ wonder how long I can keep things this way??? For sure until my stitches are out (8-15)!! tee hee hee

I was able to do a little scrapping last nite. It takes me so long right now because I can't reach anything so I have to get up to get everything instead of twisting again and reaching for it. I did do one of my absolute favorite LO's yet! It's is a Vegas picture using one of my Scraproom kits (S.E.I. citruskick). Love it!! I will post it as soon as I take it's picture tonight. I going to research a scanner/printer today and hopefully purchase one tonight.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Mine will be very low-key as I'm still pretty helpless! At least I can scrap!!!

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