Friday, August 17, 2007

Fabulous Friday

Is it ever! It's nice and cool ideal day! Except I did have to go to work.. Ssshh, don't tell that I'm not doing work-related stuff!! I just ran to one of my lss to check out any of the new paper they might have received after CHA. They did have a few items that were must haves on my list:) I also belong to The Scraproom kit club so I've been trying not to buy anything that is on our fall/winter kit list but so far that hasn't worked so well. We are getting both BG Mellow and Scrapworks Season of Joy...I bought Mellow yesterday and Season of Joy today! Ooops!!!!! Ha ha ha:) One can NEVER have too much paper!! (All the scrap ladies are nodding their heads "yes" right now Lance! It's not just me!)
We've had a crazy week with our transplant picnic (my work) on Tuesday and chix nite at the RedHawks game on Wednesday. Last nite was the first night I had gotten to bed before 10:30pm. Ugh, I'm too old for that! I did finally have time to upload last weekend's pics just in time for this weekend. I'll share... Lance trying to get Teddy ~talked~ into sitting in the trailer of the John Deere tractor that my brother and I use to play with at my grandparent's farm over 20 years ago. Mom saved it for our kids...when we finally decide to have some:) For now, it'll have to be for Teddy and Lance. After Lance got done playing, he said we need to put a bigger seat on the tractor. I tried to explain to him that the tractor was made for kids buns and not his buns!
Teddy growling at Lance (it's his newest thing) and Lance still trying to convince him it'll be fun.
Scout is telling Teddy to run!!
He's still in far!

And they're off!! I love Teddy's fluffy tail sticking out of the back of the wagon! So cute:) Please ignore the messy garage. We've taken the adage of ~if you don't look at it, you won't see it, it won't bother you, you don't have to clean it!!~ at least for now. tee hee hee

"But Dad, you're jack-knifed. See." as they both look down.

Where are we going now?

Can I drive?

These 2 just crack me up. We were laughing so hard and Teddy just rode around in the trailer like it's what every dog does. Too cute!! I can not wait to scrap these pictures!

So that was how we spent our Sunday last week. We're very exciting individuals! Our neighbors probably think we're crazy. Oh and we went shopping for a new microwave because our's died. I can feel your excitement overflowing!

Have a fabulous Friday and great weekend:^)

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EquineSpirit said...

LOVE the photos! OMGosh! Too cute!! LOL!