Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, Monday....BLAH!

Well, the morning started off bad...DH issues...don't even get me started...GRRRRR!
Things ~have~ progressively gotten better though. Not only have I gotten a bunch of phone calls returned ( I HATE making calls!! Avoid them at all cost!) but I booked our (DH & I) spa session at Panache at Madden's Resort (just north of Brainerd, MN) for this Saturday. Can't wait!! We're doing mani's, pedi's, hot stone massages, and I'm getting a facial. It sounds luxurious! We are going up to Brainerd's Bed & Breakfast, AKA Dennis & Joanne's house, Friday nite. It will be so much fun as I've never seen their place without snow on the ground. They have a gorgeous yard with loads of flower beds and waterfall/stream too. I've only seen it in pictures. I haven't seen them for awhile either so it will be great fun to visit with them. Then we are going to the spa at noon on Saturday. YAY!! Then we will check into our room at the resort (Breezy Point) after 5pm. It's going to be a great relaxing time. Exactly what we need.

I've gotta run...almost done with work (tee hee hee) and need to go ride my horse. I'll give you the weekend report tomorrow. It will be kind of blah though...I took not a single picture this weekend. EEK!! Not like me at all!

Monday Nite Football is on tonite so I'm going to hide in my scraproom and hope the dogs can't find me:) I'm hoping it will keep raining so I don't have to take the dogs for a walk. I'm so lazy! Note to self, must buy dog bones to keep them entertained tonite. Off to Fleet Farm I go...

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