Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where oh where???

has the time gone? It's almost been a month since my last blog post:/ Yikes!!

I've given up on P52 (sorry Stac!!). I haven't uploaded pics for awhile + my computer crashed or got a virus so something so I'm using my old dinosaur laptop while Geek Squad fixes mine. I'm hoping my Carbonite backed up everything so I don't lose anything if they have to wipe out my hard drive.

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes 3 weeks ago. What a pain in the ass:/ BUT at least I don't have to do the insulin shots. I can regulate everything with diet and exercise so far. I'm sick of poking my fingers though. I feel sorry for anyone who is truly diabetic... it sucks! Thank God mine is temporary!

I have almost 1 month left! Wahoo!! I'm very ready for this pregnancy to be over and done with. Baby Boy is growing right on track. He's still name-less unless you count the fact that I was planning on naming him Olivia because I thought he was a she:/

Makenna is starting to hit the trouble 2's. She's a great little girl but oh man does she have attitude. Yikes! + she's a drama queen. She'll be 2 in a little over 1 month. We are having a Hello Kitty birthday party for her but it's going to be a flexible party as who knows when Baby Boy will be joining us:) Makenna LOVES all things Meow-related. She picked out her party stuff. I just let her loose in Party America and of course she went start to the cat stuff. It's very cute though:)

We still do not have carpet in our basement and its ALL torn up. I picked out the carpet today and God willing, we'll have it in by the end of May/beginning of June. Hopefully before Baby Boy arrives. I've been nesting like crazy so the upper 3 levels of the house look great or at least good since I still have some to go but the lower 2 levels are painful with everything tossed everywhere.

We finally had our 1st 80 degree day today. Love it!! I'm not one who likes hot weather especially when its humid but even I can appreciate the warmth after the long and crappy winter we had. I'm looking forward to being able to work outside in the flower bed and landscaping and BENDING OVER!!

Makenna has her 2 yr pics next Monday with the same photographer we've used since she was born. Baby Boy has newborn pics set up with her too. I'm doing a wall of pics taken by Rialee so I want both to have sets of photos taken by her for at least this year for M and the next couple for Baby Boy. 

I can't believe how fast 2 yrs have gone for Makenna! I went through her clothes and made 2 piles. 1 are my favs that I'm keeping for my brother when he decides to settle down and have babies. (PLEASE let him have girls!! I have SO many cute things!!) and 1 pile to garage sale. We decided to do a huge garage sale next spring during B'ville's City Wide Sale and get rid of the majority of our baby stuff as I'm NOT doing this again. I did want 3 kids but I most certainly do not want to go through another pregnancy like this. Ick! It's really hard to even think of parting with some of Makenna's stuff but right now I just can't see myself ever wanting to be pregnant again. I guess only time will tell. Plus I'm getting OLD!! LOL!

That's it for now. I swear I'll post again! Sooner than later:)

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Stacy said...

Boy glad to hear the crickets gone. lol Hopefully if you had a virus that it isn't backed up to carbonite too. I was talked out of backing up online for that reason.