Monday, May 30, 2011

2 WEEKS!!!

14 DAYS!! YAY!!! We are having a huge storm right now so I was kind of hoping that would help shake Baby Boy loose but alas he's not moving. I don't think he's going to move on his own at all:/ I have another appt on Thursday so I'll let you know how it goes:)

1 WEEK from today....Makenna turns 2! How the heck can that even be?! I look at her and she just doesn't look like a baby anymore....much more like a little girl and it kinda breaks my heart but it also makes my heart soar with pride. She's wild, athletic, too smart for anyone's good, sensitive, independent but yet she still needs her Momma at times. She'll run around with the big kids and play so hard but yet every once in a while she'll come back to get some Momma snuggles. I love this! I've been trying to spend a lot of extra quality time with her as we both know things are about to change. For the better but that might be hard for her to realize sometimes. I'm hoping we can make her transition to being a big sister easy for her. She's such a good Momma to her babies...I'm hoping that will transfer to her brother too.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! A HUGE thank you to all the service men and women, including my cousin in Afghanistan, for the sacrifices that you have and continue to make to ensure our safety and freedom! We will forever be in debt to you. For those that have given their life for their country and its residents, no words can even express how much we appreciate everything sacrificed by the military families.

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