Friday, May 20, 2011

Another OB appt.

I have 3 weeks and 1 day left! YAY!! I've been having some contractions so my OB wanted to check to see how things are looking ~down there~. I'm dialated 1 cm, baby's head down but still pretty high. I lost another lb... I'm sure it's due to the diabetic diet + the nice weather and being outside. My blood pressure is on the rise and much higher than what it was last week but my OB didn't seem too concerned. Overall, it was a good appt:)

I ran a bunch of errands afterwards then M and I planted some flowers in my pots and started making some Memorial Day sugar cookies. They are still in dough form chilling in the fridge.

We have a graduation tomorrow and I'm hoping to get all the rest of the wallpaper pulled down in the basement since our new carpet should be in the store this week and in our house by next week...hopefully!! I can't wait to get my scraproom put back together. I've been going through major withdrawals!!

My laptop is still out of has several viruses + hard drive failure:/ The next computer I get, I'm going to try an Apple. I'm so sick of the Dell and HP's being so disposable and unreliable. My laptop isn't even 1 yr old. It's still under Dell warranty but if it wasn't it would cost almost as much to replace the hard drive as the computer itself cost. Dumb!

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Stacy said...

Can't believe you only have three weeks left!! I tell ya, I love my mac. I say once you go mac you'll never go back. I have had mine 5 years and it works great. The only thing is having to buy a new battery every few years and I have had 2 fans replaced. No need to worry about any darn viruses. They are worth every penny.