Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm home alone. With my feet up. Wearing stretchy pants + a hoodie. Sipping a diet dew fountain pop. Needing something to snack on but I'm too comfy to move and get it. Craving a nap but needing to grade papers. With 1 new magazine (Creative Spaces - all about scraprooms) and 1 new book (Mamarazzi -Photographing kids) sitting next to me just itching to be flipped open. Waiting for the UPS man to deliver our new fancy schmancy double stroller. Missing my sweet baby/big girl since I've been on the move so much this week but loving the peace and quiet that I know will be ending soon with the addition of Mr. Man. Listening to the "fat one" aka Maui (our cat) snore. Craving some scrapping time but knowing that isn't going to happen for a good while because of the ripped apart basement. Finding the silver lining of our basement getting ZEBRA carpet in my scraproom! WOOT WOOT! Lance didn't dare say no given that I'm hormonal, hugely preggo and super pissed off about the water issue. LOL! Sometimes it pays to be a drama queen;) or bitch!! Ha Ha!

Happy Friday to all!! Only 4 weeks left of this pregnancy! Baby boy was given the green light to come anytime now by Dr. R :) Hopefully I'll have my computer fixed and back to me sometime next week so I can post some pics. Miss Thang had her 1st haircut last night! She was absolutely perfect for it! She has her 2 yr pics on Monday. Can't wait:)


Stacy said...

Your serious, your getting zebra carpet? Sorry, but I am laughing right now. Poor Lance. lol Can't wait to see Miss M's 2 year pics.

Morgan Owens said...

Zebra carpet?! You are so lucky! I love anything zebra/animal print!

Good luck with baby boy, I can NOT wait to see pics of him and M's two year pictures!