Friday, August 6, 2010

Bits & Pieces

It's been awhile since I've had a real QUALITY post so here we go:) Well... kinda....

First off, I have to apologize for the lack of pictures as I've been switching from my old laptop to a new laptop. Lance needs to supply one of our employees with a laptop so he gets mine. My new one is pink...I'm not a huge fan of girly pink (LOVE hot pink) and this one is in between  the 2. I figure I can always buy a laptop skin. In purple of course!! So I'll try to get thing switched over this weekend but I have a bunch of work projects that I need to complete by Sunday first:/ Boo!!!

Makenna is growing like a weed. She is tall and lean and looking like her father more and more every day. Today was a drama queen day (she gets that from Lance!!) with a lot of crying and throwing herself on the floor. It gets SO old. Oh well. Normally she's much better than today. She does have 4 new molars poking through so I guess that gives her a free pass to drama-ville. Mama wants a free pass:/

I have more Makenna stories for you but right now I'm drawing a blank. I was up until 1:30am scrapping last nite (oops!!!) so my brain has since shut off. I was on such a roll! It was so much fun to scrap like that. I miss the pre-baby late nite scrapfests that I would have. It wouldn't matter how late I stay up because I could sleep in in the morning. NOT SO MUCH anymore. Miss Thang is an early riser. I'm not wishing time away but man I cannot wait until she wants to sleep until noon!!!!

I'll have to make myself notes of all the M stories I want to share so that way I will remember them when I sit down to blog. I'm off to bed. We're heading to the lake tomorrow with friends. Its suppose to be HOT. YAY!! G'nite!

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Jen said...

A drama queen, early riser. I'm starting to think that I just wrote your post :)