Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our 1st visit to the walk-in clinic.

So M hadn't gotten any better this morning. She was lethargic, clingy and generally unhappy. I went to change her from her jammies to a tshirt and shorts and she freaked out when I pulled her shirt off/over her ears so I thought maybe it's an ear infection. So in we went to the peds walk-in clinic, after I checked the waiting time (0-15 mins!). We were in and out in 30 mins. No ear infection, no strep (at least the rapid was negative), so the Dr. is assuming a virus and we're just suppose to watch her. We have M's 1 yr appt this Thurs with her normal Dr so if M is still running a low grade fever then she will do more tests. Since then, M's fever seems to have broke but she's still very crabby. I'm hoping the end is in sight, poor thing. She would not nap so we threw her in the car and drove around the lakes area looking at lake homes. We found a couple for sale that we'd like to check out more closely. Gotta love online home shopping! We also hit Zorbaz all while M slept so we all got what we wanted!!!
Happy Father's Day to Lance and all the dads out there! Hope it was a great one:)

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The Stanford Family said...

:( Poor Makenna hopefully by tonight she's feeling all better. :(