Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Miss Thang is taking over the world!

Or at least the airways! She made her 1st plane adventure with Lance to come visit me in Lincoln, NE while I was showing my horse. It was a very interesting flight for them and that had NOTHING to do with Miss M! Their plane was struck by lightning on the way to Lincoln!! Nothing went wrong but they did have to turn around and go back to MN as a precaution. Yikes!! I guess M was an awesome flyer! No crying or screaming, just a lot of smiling and waving at the fellow passengers which was a big hit with everyone! She's such a charmer!

She's also officially weaned! Yay!! (especially for momma!!) It was actually pretty easy so we were both lucky there!

I have lots of other stuff to talk about including my horse show in NE and M's 1 year pics but I'm tired! I'm going to bed so more tomorrow!!



Jen said...

So many milestones! Lance is a brave daddy to take on a plane ride by himself. And congrats for breastfeeding for a whole year. As somebody who ended up formula feeding, I admire moms who manage to breast feed!

Anonymous said...

wow- wow - holy cow!! wow!!! :)

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