Monday, June 21, 2010

Now a rash...

So M's fever broke last night/this morning but then she developed a rash on her chest, torso and back. WTH?? Thank goodness it was Gina to the rescue!! She said to watch out for Roseola as both her kids had it around M's age. Sure enough. I read up on it and that sounds exactly like what M has/had. She had a more mild version of it since she had a low grade fever followed by the rash. She's feeling better, not as lethargic and crabby but still not quite the same. Hopefully by tomorrow or Wed. Poor Miss Thang!

Other than that, I finally got my flowers planted. They look very nice:) I'm hoping, if M feels better tomorrow and she goes to daycare, to get M's new playroom primed then painted eventually. Along with my cleaning and organizing my scraproom which is a disaster area. I really should take before and after pics. Eek. Maybe. It's THAT bad!

I also have to confess. I am officially addicted to The Real Housewives of New Jersey!! Those women crack me up! Love it/them!!!


Anonymous said...

glad I could help. Hopefully M will be her smiley, happy self today. Good luck with all your projects!

Jen said...

Classic Roseola symptoms! I think Jillian had it in October