Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have you?

seen Eclipse yet? I haven't been I will be. Soon.
Lance asked me yesterday, while we were painting, if I was stuck on a desert island with just one person who would I want it to be?
I thought for a minute as the usual Matthew McConghuey, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Curtis Stone run through my head. But then it came to me....
Taylor Lautner I yelled!
Oops, that was probably with a little too much enthusiasm for my husband! ~blush~ tee hee
He asked why him?
I said because then it didn't matter what we did on the island. We stuck there so I wouldn't go to jail for having my way with him! Ha!
He looked at me, sighed then said he's 18 now.
I pondered this for 1/2 a second and said my answer still stands and now I'm not even illegal!! Just a dirty old woman;)
I mean really..... look at him....
I don't think Lance will be asking me anymore of those questions:) Ha!

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Anonymous said...

I went last night... it's a MUST SEE.. Lots and LOTS of Eye Candy!