Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ipod headphones/ear thingies?

So what type of headphones/ear listen thingies do you have for your Ipod? Mine are just the ones that came with my Ipod. They are not very comfortable:/ Any suggestions? If they would happen to come in the color purple too, I would be in total LOVE!!!


My ears thank you too!


Birdee said...

I'm not sure what ones I have, but there some sort of ear buds that have the squishy ear piece that does deep inside the ear.
My son loves his skull-Candy and you might be able to find some in purple (or pink for sure)

Birdee said...

Oh, BTW, I bought my son's skull candy from Radio Shack, purchassed the 2 year protection plan for like 6 bucks, and every time he breaks them, I just go trade them for a new pair. He's on his 4th pair now (within the year) so it's been worth it. I think Radio Shack (and the protection plan) is the way to go.