Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer is here!

Lance, Miss Thang and I spent the day outside playing in her pool and with the water table. Lance broke out his new pressure washer from Black Friday and cleaned up the front of the house. I graded papers, planted a few flowers and weeded. Lance and I got some sun. Miss Thang did not. She is looking a little tanner though. She definitely has my skin! She was up at the butt crack (Mom- 1 word or 2??) of dawn this morning (5:45) :/ Took a hour nap at 9am then we played like crazy until around 3pm. She was starting to get kind of quiet so I took her in and changed her out of her swimsuit. She was fussy so I figured she was hungry again even though she just ate a couple of hours earlier. So I put her in the high chair...she munched down some puffs and 1/2 a container of food. She was looking around, leaned the side of her head on the high chair and fell asleep! Poor thing!! She would have stayed asleep too but I was laughing so hard I couldn't keep quiet. So I accidently woke her up, then she looked at me and her eyes slowly drifted down. She started head bobbing. Again, I woke her up giggling. Oops!! I NEVER would have thought Miss "I don't need a nap EVER" would fall asleep in the high chair!! It was so cute. But dang my giggling and inability to keep quiet so I could have gotten pics. I picked M up, put her head on my shoulder and she was out. She slept for 1.5 hrs in her crib! YAY!!!! Poor worn out baby!

I put sunscreen on her, including her face, but she kind of reacted to it on her cheeks. She has very sensitive skin. I can't use Dreft on her has to be All Free and Clear. I wash all our clothes in that because when she was little, if she'd rest her cheek on your shoulder and you didn't use All she would have a rash. So any suggestions for sunscreen for sensitive skin babes?


Molly said...

I don't personally use this, but I have a friend who does and likes it.|B0010Z4N7A&CPNG=health%20beauty&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

I've also heard good things about the aveeno baby sunscreen for senstive skin

Anonymous said...

I used to watch my cousins little boy when he was about M's age and he broke out horribly from sunscreen his eyes would tear up and and he'd be all red. We finally found out if it was PABA free it was okay. I don't know what that means, but it worked ... ha!

I just had lunch with your lovely daughter and Jaye. What a doll you have!!

Jen said...

No suggestions on sunscreen...we haven't really had any problems with any sort of brand with Jillian. It is funny when they fall asleep in their high chair though. Jillian has done this on a few occasions!

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