Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another fabulously exhausting weekend at a horse show!


There is no other way I'd rather exhaust myself then at a horse show! We wrapped up a 3 day show with a fabulous last day. 4 - 1st places, 2 - 2nd's, 2 - 3rd's. Great day! It is also 1 WEEK until Makenna turns 1!!! I can't even imagine I will now have a toddler and not a baby:/ Crazy! We are having a party for her next sunday followed by her 1 year pics on Tuesday then after I'm done teaching on Wed, we are hauling *ss down to Nebraska to another horse show for the rest of the week/weekend. I'm missing 2 days of the show due to teaching (and M's pics) but it's the week before finals so I can hardly skip out on my students because Professor Haugen wants to go show her horse. Even though I REALLY want too!!

For Memorial Day, we are getting the house cleaned up and decorated for M's party. I need to grade papers and make study guides for my students. Get the horse trailer from Fargo, unpack, clean, repack and head the trailer back to Fargo since the trainers are taking our truck and trailer to Nebraska on sunday with their huge truck and trailer. I believe there are 20 horses going to this show!! Crazy!

On the baby front (for 1 more week), Makenna is walking like mad. She tries to go as fast as she can which results in a hopping, skipping shuffle thing. It's adorable! I can't believe how she just stands up and walks off. It's such a foreign concept to see her do that! Such a big girl:)


Jen said...

One! Are you kidding me? That went fast. I keep reminding myself of how quickly they grow when I'm up with Hayden at 2am. Sometimes I'm tired enough that I almost believe myself :)

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