Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovely weekend!

What a great weekend! It all began with 70+ degree weather on Friday, scrapping with great friends that evening/nite. Then onto Ember's baby shower Saturday morning on another beautiful day. It was so beautiful that several of her neighbors decided to have garage sales which made for tricky parking since E lives at the end of a cul-de-sac and even more difficult time keeping some of her relies at the shower and out of the sales!! Although I TOTALLY would have joined them if I could have snuck out;) tee hee Once I was done there, I scurried to Menards for purple-ish spray paint and then home. I played in the flower bed, spray painted 3 flower pot things, Lance and I ate s'mores roasted over our fire pit after M went to bed. It was great! Today I was on the mission of all missions to get our house cleaned up. Luckily Lance was on the same page with me even though our little Drama Queen was not:/ Oh well. I still got all of my party decor organized and cleaned up (not put away...its still in the entryway), 3 hats decorated for the NDQHA youth fundraiser, laundry and ironing done, pom poms made for Drama Queen's bday party, our bedroom rearranged and cleaned, some photos edited, Ipod updated, power walk after some awesome supper from Renee's Drive-In.

Awwww.... what an awesome, lots accomplished day! I needed that. Now after Miss Drama Queen heads to bed, I'm going to do the same thing. I'm tired!

Quick update on Miss Drama Queen.... we have 5-6 walking steps. She's doing so well. She gets frustrated then crawls which is so much faster for her right now. She still eats like a cow & is back up to 3 fat rolls on her thighs. So cute!!!

What naked baby doesn't need the perrfect accessory?

Pink boa. Check!

This is Miss M's newest expression! Everything is oooooooooooooooooooooo! Adorable!


The Stanford Family said...

mega cute! What a great weekend! I did see you ordering Lance around the back yard a bit too! That is a must for a good weekend!

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