Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I love this new site! SO SO SO much easier to use than the ~other~ one. I am here to stay!

So...I have been a horrible blogger but this will change. That can be my summer resolution! I really enjoy blogging but that other site was NOT very user friendly. This is much better.

OK...now for the recap of our life for the last couple of weeks. We'll start with July 4th. Lance and I and a bunch of friends went tubing down the Ottertail River. What a blast! There were so many people there. We had to wait in line for 45 minutes before we even got our tubes. I have never, ever waited in line there. It was so worth it. When we got off the river, around 5-6pm-ish, there was a line longer than the one we had to stand in. EEK! Then we ran to my mom's house to visit for a while and then on to Lake Floyd to visit Lance's side of the family at the Olson reunion. By the time we got home, we were wiped out. We didn't go watch fireworks because our neighbors (about 2 blocks away) lined their whole side of the street with fireworks. What a show!! So we sat on our driveway and watched those. Teddy was going nuts. He hates fireworks but Scout didn't care at all. He just went to sleep.

All the kids are doing great! Scout is still shedding like no tomorrow. I think he's going to shed until the day the snow flies. EEK!! Our vacuum has been working overtime for sure. We found some lumps on Scout's leg and chest. He's going to the vet in 2 weeks to get them checked out. The vet tech that Lance talked to said the locations were odd and didn't like the way they sounded. Hopefully he will be fine. He's a big, strong dog who's health has done nothing but improve since we've had him. Between the daily walks of about 35-45 minutes and the glucosamine pills, Scout is looking great. He's been really good for my weight loss too! :^)

Lance is on the road again. He left this morning for his big SD and IA trip. He'll meet me in St.Paul at my horse show next week. I'm planning on getting a lot of cleaning and organizing done. We need to make up for all the playing and not working at home we've been doing. It's been fun though!

Well, I need to go ride my horse. It's a beautiful, cool day (~70 degrees) so I am in 7th heaven. There is nothing I like more than to ride when it's cool out.
I'll write more tomorrow. K

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