Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Friday!!

At least it is for me!! Actually it's only Tuesday but I am off for the rest of the week so YAY! Faith and I are going to the Regional Experience horse show in St. Paul, MN for 5 days. My mom is coming with me and Lance will meet us there as soon as he's done working in Mason City, IA. This is my first time to a Regional Experience so I'm excited to try it out. It's also my first time showing in St. Paul at the fair grounds. It's suppose to be painfully hot this weekend though....ugh....is it fall yet? Oh well!

The puppies are going to G&G Haugen's while we are gone. They absolutely love it out there! Lot's of room to run and play plus they love to swim in the lake. I'm sure they will come home very tired!

Well, I'm heading off to the barn to work Faith then wash and band her. We're leaving at ~O' dark thirty~ tomorrow so I' want to get everything ready to go early so I can get to good sleep.

I'll be back Sunday evening so I'll be updating this on Monday:^)

Have a great week!

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