Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not done yet...

but will be soon. Yesterday was just too gorgeous to sit inside and work on the computer. Once I did get inside I had to work on making Callan's 1st bday card. She'll be 1 this Saturday!! Wow, how time flies!
Last night, as I was driving home from the barn, I saw the most beautiful rainbow in the sky. It was so close to the ground. I was taking pictures with my cell phone like crazy! I know...not very safe but the pics are great. Once I figure out how to move the pics from my celly to the computer, I'll post them. Today is another gorgeous day outside...feels like fall! My favorite time of year:^)
Speaking of last night, I had one of the most amazing rides on Faith. She was going along so nice. I think she is finally feeling great again. She has been sore in the back and shoulders from working so hard this spring. I had her massaged and the chiropractor adjusted her. It's made a world of difference! YAY!!! Hopefully the show next week will be successful.
I have a couple of new adventures/projects (scrap-related) in the works so I need to work on those tonight after my appointment. I'll update you with those and hopefully pictures of what I'm working on tomorrow.

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