Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh where oh where...

has this blogger been?

Definitely AWAL! I'm still working on that post about Jax and only Jax or Just Jax (insert jazz hands!). I decided  I really wasn't busy enough with 2 kiddos + a hubby that is gone 4-5 days per week so I added in a 5 day horse show the end of July, an Allison Davis 5 week Sketch Support class the middle of July (HIGHLY recommend) + no daycare at all. EEK! The daycare wasn't planned but our provided and good friend had a family emergency so she had to head to Mississippi to be with her family. I'm hoping she'll be back this week but haven't heard.

The 5 day horse show went AWESOME!! I was only able to ride my horse once before the show but she was with the trainer so she was all ready to go. I was definitely rusty but we won a huge showmanship class out of 23 and that made my whole weekend since the show was huge and the competition was fierce. We also won several halter classes and did well in all the riding events too. I'm done showing for the summer now! LOL! I want to go out with a bang! j/k I actually have 2-3 more shows but I've chosen to do scrapping events instead since I'm not aiming for anything horse related right now. Its just really nice to ride my horse...although that is coming to a screeching halt since a certain 2 yo joins me at the barn most of time. If she had it her way, momma would help brush and saddle the horse but not ride at all! Stinker:) I try to ride 1st but it usually winds up with us both riding poor Faith and that leads to "Momma off!" and she's riding alone. I think we need 2 horses;)

The Ali Davis class I took at My Creative Classroom was awesome! I love her sketch books so I knew I would love the class. I was able to mostly stay up to date with the class even though I was gone to the show right in the middle of it. Here are 4 of the 5 assignments I did:

Please excuse some of the crappy photos as I was in a hurry to get them posted and some had to be taken at night. Definitely not the best time for picture taking.

Speaking of picture taking, I have recently started shooting in the RAW thanks to a push and help from Stacy. It is SO much better and easier to adjust my photos. I was scared to try it but am so glad I did! Thanks Stac!

I WILL have the Just Jax post this week. Also there will be a scrap room sneak peak as its almost put together. When I FINALLY have it all finished, then there will be a big post + giveaways to say thanks for hanging in there with me while I haven't been blogging:/

Happy Monday!

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Stacy said...

Well I am glad you have chosen scraping over showing. Love the LO. You must have finally got that ACR issue figured out. You will love RAW. Now for that Jax update.....