Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ode to the Potato!

We survived another Potato Days! We have had carbs up to our ears & it's SO good! I always have the mashed potatoes, gravy & meatballs. Yum! Lance always has the Potato Sausage wrapped in Lefse. Makenna loved the potato sausage too. Then I went with the Grefsruds and Chad (the trainer) to have potato pancakes on Saturday morning. Again...Yummy!! Good thing we walked through all the vendors to work off those pancakes.

Later in the day was the parade. Makenna wasn't too sure at first because Momma has told her not to run into the street and now she's saying its ok and even encouraging her to do it and chase candy. After about 2 mins, she had it down. We wound up with a ton of candy! EEK!

Jax slept through most of it! He's a wild one:) Makenna also got to ride in Poppa & Grandma's 57 Chevy. Anything to do with Poppa is a HUGE thing for Makenna.
He's almost as popular, in her book, as uncle (my brother) & Madi (our daycare lady's daughter).

I'm starting to gear up for my 1st ever trip to Scrapfest in Minneapolis. I'm so excited to go:) It's going to be like Christmas morning for us girls!!! If anyone has any tips, please hook me up:) Thx!

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