Friday, July 15, 2011

When did I ever have time to work?

Lol! I've been on the go this whole entire maternity leave. Run run run!! But, I like it that way:)

We were in Sioux Falls, SD for the 4th of July. It was so much fun! We hit the huge water park. I still can't go in the water yet but Lance and Makenna had a blast! We could not keep M out of the water. She was nap-free the entire day until we put her in the stroller to walk to the go-carts...that was about 7pm:) Jax and I hung out in the cabana we rented while he napped in the stroller and I read the latest Stephanie Plum book. I was SO glad that no one was real close to us because I found myself laughing out loud all the time! That dang Lulu (in the book) just cracks me up!

Lance had surgery on his nose yesterday. He doesn't do anesthesia well at all so they wound up keeping him in the hospital over night to monitor him. He wasn't keeping his oxygen levels up high enough + he was constantly dizzy + sweating + short of breathe. He's much better today and is home. He's actually at the post office right now...I'm not sure that he should be driving but I'm pumping (always!! and TMI...I know!) so I couldn't go right this minute.

I've ridden my horse once already and will be showing her the end of July at a 5 day show. I.Can't.Wait!!!!! Then she'll stay down here with me so I can ride all the time! YAY!! I'm so looking forward to that. I may hit 1 more show this fall (or not) but I really just want to ride. I hope to hit the shows hard next year:)

I'm taking a FABULOUS class from Allison Davis called Sketch Support (found at my creative classroom). It is so great! I love using Allison's sketches (along with other sketches) so to have her teach how to use them better is wonderful! I'm on week 2 of 5. I also just signed up for her Super Sketch kit club. I received the 1st one in the mail today... there is SO much in it! LOVE!! It includes paper + sketches. Awesome! Now if I can just get my scraproom back into working order.

Speaking of which... our stupid sump pump failed AGAIN!!! WTH?! Thank God I was able to save the zebra carpet! Actually all the carpet is fine but we lost all the pad. Yes, that would be the pad that is only 1 month old. It is barely paid for and now its shot:/ Oh well. It could be SO much worse! I keep thinking of my hometown of Burlington, ND (right next to Minot, ND) and so many of my classmates and friends have lost their homes to the flooding + insurance won't cover a thing if they don't have flood insurance. Most of them don't because they are not in a flood plain + burlington hasn't flooded in 40 yrs. So we are very lucky to have just a tish of clean water in our basement. It dried out quickly and we only lost the pad. Needless to say, a new sump pump is installed and a back-up sump pump that ties into our fresh water is on order. So sick of moving crap! My scrap room WAS in the basement but is now being moved to the level above that (but below the main level). The room was a spare bedroom but it's right next to M's playroom so it will be very convenient for me to have it there. Plus its right next to the laundry room and just stairs + a few steps from the kitchen. I already love it in that room! The zebra carpet fits perfect + my desk looks out on the beautiful lily garden:) It's perfect! Now to get everything installed and organized. Lance is out of commission for 8 more days so the installation will have to wait.

So that's the update! I'm going to do a picture filled post about Jax tomorrow and will be doing more regular blogging as of now. Expect a giveaway in the very near future!!! Have a great weekend!

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