Friday, August 19, 2011

What a day of errands! (baby-free!)

Both kids went daycare on Thurs so I had the whole day to run ALL of my errands that have been piling up. I got everything on my list done:) Here's some photos to document!

 All my loot minus the groceries that were on the other counter!
I'm participating in my LSS's garage sale again. I've done this 2 other times and have sold almost everything I bring:)
 My mom got J & M some basics on clearance at Wally! 
Clothes for M from Once Upon a Child
Clothes for J from Once Upon a Child
Stuff from M's & HL. M's had all their glitter fabric pain on clearance...$1.79 instead of $5.99. I bought 1 of every color except gold because that was $2.99. If you look way in the back, you'll notice some candy/chocolate for the purple fridge! 
OK, this is a horrible picture! You can't tell at all what is in here:/ Its black fluffy trim for a project I'm doing for a design team call and its brown minky for a turkey shirt that I want to make M & J for thanksgiving.
This was in the mail when I got home!! I LOVE the fall issue!!! It's my very favorite:)

That's my day in a nutshell or actually a shopping bag;) 

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Stacy said...

Hope you enjoyed your freedom! Looks like you had fun.