Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mr Cute!

Jax is seriously a fun baby! He is such a smiler + he's a hard core Momma's Boy!! Oh I love that:) He lights up for me like no one else. He'll smile, give me the eyebrow raise and "talk". It totally melts this Momma's heart! He just had his 2 month appt. He is 14 lbs (73%) and 22.5 in long (20%) so he's going to be short and wide! The first thing the pediatrician said when she walked in was "So Mr. Jax has another chin I see!". LOL!! He does:) He's chubby and it's so precious!

Makenna is a wonderful big sister! He calls him Cute.

Anyone: "Makenna, what's your brother's name?"
Makenna: "Cute"
Anyone: It's not Jax?
Makenna: No. Cute.

So we all call him Cute! I'm sure this is going to go over REAL well when he's a NFL linebacker;)

 Excuse my shadow!!

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Stacy said...

Oh my he is really looking like Makenna when he smiles.