Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On the 2nd day of my birthday week...

Makenna and I made frosted sugar cookies the shape of shamrocks, tulips, butterflies & Easter bunnies. They are VERY delicious!

I got most of our stuff together/packed to head to the cities tomorrow after I'm done teaching. We're going to join Lance down there and I'm going to shop my @ss off! Yay!! I haven't been serious shopping in a very long time! Outlet mall, scrapping stores, IKEA, the Shoppes @ Arbor Lakes....I can't wait:)

M & Lance are going to spend some quality time together in the pool while I shop then we'll all go shop and sight see.

As I'm typing I just had a little piranha crawl by and bite my big toe! Little stinker!! She's sure testing out her new teeth...all 6 of them plus 2 more that are about to pop through.

Also, we are not ready to start TTC yet. Soon I'm sure but not quite yet! I'm enjoying the not pregnant feeling! Plus being a 3/4 time single mom to a baby + being pregnant isn't all that appealing to me:/


Morgan Owens said...

Shopping is always awesome! Have a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

Second.. I'm insanely jealous of your shopping spree. IN-SANE-LY!
Third... Take your time mama, on the TTC front...you will know when it's time. :) Have a WONDERFUL TIME IN THE CITIES... Say hello to the outlets for me.