Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All night long!

Makenna slept that is!!! She slept completely through the night last night! SWEET! Since my birthday, a week ago, we went to Minneapolis, did a lot of shopping, visiting with friends and family, all of us got sick with sicked colds (Makenna the worst) and are now trying to play catch up and heal. We had some pretty roughs nites since poor Miss M couldn't breathe when she was laying down so we took turns with her sleeping on our chests. Not great sleep or any sleep for us but she was starting to heal. We tried everything to help her (really US) out...vaporizer/humidifier, elevating the crib on 1 end, nice warm jacuzzi bath for all of us, ect. FINALLY she is making the turn for the better and slept all night long! YAY!!!! Oh she's also getting more teeth so that's not helping either. Poor thing is blowing snot faster than we can keep the tissues and boogie wipes coming.
So, I'm hoping to keep her on the sleeping through the night schedule again which hasn't been the case since she started teething back in December. Before that, she was a rockstar sleeper. Let's hope this trend continues or Miss Thang could end up being an only child;)

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